Never allow short term pleasures to get in the way of long term goals. If you have your mind set your body will follow, but your goal must be in your heart.  Who’s your friend on face book or who’s following you on twitter is not important. Unless that’s your goal.

If your determined to loose weight  you can do it. Start by Looking at your surroundings is anything their that can hinder or delay your goal?  What ever is hindering you should remove it or them.  Open your fridge and cabinets are their cakes and cookies and starches that you shouldn’t be eating, also take a look at what you are drinking this also plays a big part in weight loss. A lot of drinks including “Healthy” ones are loaded with sugar. Do you have friends , co-workers or family members who insist on bringing junk food around you ?  No,  you don’t have to get rid of family or friends but you can tell them NO!  Don’t bring that junk around me . Maybe the tv or radio commercials are force feeding you their bad products. That you can cut off so do it.  Get rid of all the junk

Instead of watching tv go for a walk or jog, go  find a NYC Personal Trainer , Health Coach, friend or family member who can help you with your training goals. Someone who is like minded  and willing to help you will contribute towards your success.

In order to make these changes you must be determined and if your determined nothing can stop you.

NYC Personal Trainer and exercise classes in new york city


Try This Lunch:

Sweet potato : 1 medium (2″ dia, 5″ long, raw) : 152 calories

Mixed salad greens, raw : 4 cup, shredded or chopped : 37 calories

Broccoli, raw : 2 cup, flowerets : 40 calories

Total Calories: 228 Carb=42g Prot=9.8g Fat=5g

The question of what sets Steve Sweat NYC Personal Training, apart from other fitness companies occasionally arises, and what we have to say usually bores the interviewer. They  expect us to have a gimmick or a fad, and even suggest to us that, If  we don’t have a gimmick, we should  come up with one. Say what?

Sad to say this is the present state of fitness, why because America got fat and lazy and now most fitness consumers are not even aware of what it actually takes to be in shape, or they do know what it takes but are just too lazy to do it. So all exercise class and personal training in new york city marketing is geared towards gimmicky sales and not fitness. So some fitness professionals have sold you on a painless workout, with no sweat, fluffy pillows, pizza etc, just for your money. Yes, I said pizza their is a chain of  Personal Training gyms in new york city that have a pizza day and colorful tootsie rolls on the front desk. This type of marketing is called the guilt trip gimmick, which I will cover on another blog about NYC Personal Training and Fitness class gimmicks and marketing.


The problem with this gimmick stuff is Team Sweat is not a gimmick and  we can’t figure out how to do any of that corny stuff. Why because it’s just not who we are, it’s not where we come from and not part of us period.

Team Sweat includes Certified Personal Trainers, fitness class instructors, nutritionist, and Medical Doctors. Who are all here to help you win at real life fitness, no gimmicks, fads, or pill pushing. Just, Real Personal Training, Real Fitness Results, and Real talk.

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Unlimited Fitness and exercise Classes Yoga, Kickboxing, Boot Camp $39.

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Try this  NYC personal trainer  Lunch
Mixed salad greens, raw : 3 cup, shredded or chopped : 27 calories
Italian dressing, low calorie : 1 Typical Serving : 32 calories
Celery, raw : 3 large stalk (11″ – 12″ long) : 31 calories
Carrots, raw : 25 baby carrot : 108 calories
Tuna, canned, water pack : 1/2 can (6.5 oz), drained : 97 calories
Sunflower seeds, hulled, unroasted : 1/8 cup, hulled : 103 calories

Total Calories: 397 Carb=42g Prot=32g Fat=14g

Personal Trainers NYC, New York City Personal Training

and exercise class.

Pretty much everybody  cringes when they see a collegue , associate , or family member  looking or doing something that they know is incorrect. This is the way I feel at times when I see so called Personal Trainers who use bad Techniques in the gym , and please don’t forget the physical appearance . How can you be called a fitness anything and clearly be out of shape . Not everyone is going to look ripped ,toned, or  lean and that’s understandable but for the Personal Trainers with the big arms and even bigger gut this is not the look of a Fitness Professional.

“I Pick Things Up and I Put Them Down” is not what we do .   Please stop giving off that impression. Truth be told not everyone  can have a six pack which is cool but when Medical and  Scientific guidelines would determine that you “Fitness Professional” are obese their’s  a problem.  Dr’s use stethoscopes , Judges wear robes, construction workers wear tool belts, I mean if rappers can remember to put their gold chains on, you fitness professional should at least be in shape . Now I haven’t even touched on the issues of being attentive to your client, i.e, no texting the entire time your client is in session with you. The list can go on sorry to say and I will cover that aspect on you tube  via steve sweat nyc

Now lets represent our profession in a better light  and not just look the part but be the part.

I Am open to any and all comments in favor or in opposition to my post thanks.

It seems as if some people do not care what they are doing to themselves as they will eat, eat, eat and eat all the wrong things. Until they reach the point that they are so obese it just defies logic. As most of you already know I reside in NYC and,  I love it living here and during my daily travels  I see so many overweight people. Then I also see these same  overweight people frequenting MC Donalds and Dunkin Donuts and many other places they probably shouldn’t be dinning in. Which brings me to the Question should the Government place restrictions on who can eat a MC Flurry ?

We as a people know that a diet consisting of these things is detrimental to ones health and well being, but we turn a blind eye to it. The Government  has rules laws and codes on drinking, tobacco, speed limit, prescription drugs etc, because these things have been proven to cause loss of life if abused and since food has the same consequences. Should food also be on the list?

Should the Parents of  severely obese children be held accountable if their child’s weight is out of control,  and become similar to child abuse laws ?

Also what if they had bouncers who checked for doctors notes at the door at all fast food places who say  “no Doctor’s note ,no entry” . Would people start to forge Dr’s notes to get some greasy food ? Of course I Am  just kidding, but stranger things have happened . Even though I am joking this issue has to be addressed, and do not be surprised when you here of something very similar to this taking place 15-20 years from  now or even sooner.

I AM in no way shape or form, judging anyone nor Am I endorsing Government restrictions.  I also have empathy for people who struggle with their weight and weight related issues. While I also understand the people who say this obese person should have to pay for two tickets because they are taking up the space of more then one person, and would rather not have their space intruded on because of someone’s size.

The Country obesity levels are on the rise and this is something that effects us all ,in one way or another . So my last question will be what do we do as a Nation to shape up?

I would love to have some feed back on your thought’s or feeling’s,any type of  input is welcomed.


“I can’t diet”, “me and diet don’t go together, or  “I don’t last on diets”. I cant count how many times I have heard these things and so much more. So lets really take a look at what diet actually means.  A definition in short from a On Line Dictionary of Diet  –

The kind of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

The funny thing is it doesn’t say or imply starving yourself. So no matter what your eating you have a diet. That is the concept I hope  we are able to take from this post.

The concept is that you can eat a balanced and healthy diet without starving yourself. Notice the definition also speaks about  diet in your community are you and your friends all over weight?  Then you should look to see what  places you frequently go to eat or the food you are cooking. I have also heard  “My whole family is this size” yes genetics play a part but it’s mostly family tradition of cooking certain types of food and this is what’s causing the extra pounds. The family recipe’s thats been passed down and around from generation to generation is mostly to blame, not just genetics “My Grandma ate like this and she  lived to be 75 years old”  God Bless her soul, and now you can make a conscious effort to live to be 85 years old by adjusting your diet.

Personal Trainers NYC, New York City Personal Training

and exercise class.